Generation Z Building Wealth and Investing – Content for Plan Sponsor and Advisor Communications

This content for communication with plan sponsors and advisors is extremely relevant to enhance your position in the marketplace for retirement benefits. The content will demonstrate your understanding of the current generation of workforce entrants (ages 16 to 23) and help you win new business and retain business among employers with a growing workforce*.




Cost: $5,600 including PR / public recognition and input into content scope for purchases before October 6, 2017

Deliverables: Slide presentation including graphs, charts, infographics, major take-aways, and recommendations for consideration by plan sponsors and their advisors, 4-page professionally designed executive summary report, video version of the executive summary, copy for two articles or blog posts on topics you and other sponsors select, attendance at a web conference presentation / discussion of study findings, news release, and social media posts.

Delivery date: February 15, 2018

Generation Z is perhaps the first generation with the knowledge and outlook to potentially reach 99.7% retirement readiness by age 70.

Content identifies segments of the Generation Z cohort that aspire to accumulate wealth, wealth accumulation goals, motivations for accumulating wealth, and planned ultimate use of accumulated wealth (pass to heirs, legacy, or spend within lifetime – i.e. lifestyle or retirement). Content addresses topics such as the preferred method for building wealth (earn and save, invest, speculate), attitudes toward investment markets / investment risk and speculation, life and financial goals besides wealth accumulation, the role of 401(k) plan participation / accumulation in building wealth, attitudes toward debt (student, personal, mortgage, and business creation), life priorities / trade-offs, anticipated working life timeline, attitudes and aspirations regarding gainful employment, and specific occupations in particular (entrepreneurship, social work, government work, financial counseling, retirement planning, investment advice), real estate ownership aspirations, life priorities, anticipated budget trade-offs (e.g. housing, family, transportation, education, lifestyle, retirement saving, wealth accumulation, other saving), personal financial assets and debt, sources of income, impact of gender and life stage (married/partner, presence of children).

Content is based on a survey of 2000 members of Generation Z conducted October 10-18, 2017

*Sectors with a high concentration of younger workers include amusement, gambling, and recreation, app development, athletics and sports, communications technology, electronics, gas stations, health and personal care, high tech, Internet publishing and web search, motion pictures and video, music, retail, pharmacies, restaurants and food service, retail, specialty foods, start-ups, veterinary services, web design, and zoos.

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