Client Relationship Manager Position Compensation Survey

Users: Head of Relationship Management, Human Resources
Benefit: Benchmark Client Relationship service and compensation across size bands; benchmark the Client Relationship Manager position; trend industry practices

Conducted eight times between 2007 and 2017, the survey benchmarks the Client Relationship Manager position at retirement plan firms across plan size bands. The sixty-question survey addresses compensation, rewards and recognition, responsibilities, caseloads, staffing, recruiting, retention, supervision, segmentation and support (i.e., staff, budget, technology, training and development). Data is gathered at both the aggregate and individual relationship manager level. Deliverables include an overall report (executive summary plus tables), segmented results for peer groups of relationship managers with similar responsibilities and client profiles, a coded firm-by-firm report (tables), and a private web conference presentation of study results and recommendations for each participating firm. More than 40 retirement plan service providers invited to contribute annually; 25 past contributors.

Associated event: EACH Enterprise Client Relationship Manager Roundtable Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings


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