Conversion/Transition/Implementation Research Program

Users: Conversion/Transition/Implementation Team Leader, Chief Operating Officer, Human Resources
Benefit: Benchmark the conversion / implementation process; benchmark the conversion consultant, data analyst/specialist, ERISA/tech staff, admin, and other positions; benchmark conversion/implementation service and compensation across size bands.

Historically, this study benchmarks the Conversion / Transition / Implementation process and the compensation of conversion / implementation staffers across market segments and plan types. This fourth edition of the study addresses four issues prioritized by participating client firms, including:

  • Functionality of Pre-Conversion Websites
  • Segmentation by Service Model
  • Team Staffing by “Standard” Position
  • Payroll Feed Integration

Each of these topics / issues will be addressed individually in a 20-25 question survey module. Companies can participate in as many or as few survey modules as they wish. Firms participating in a survey module will be invited to provide input into the survey questionnaire, attend an online presentation of survey results, receive a PowerPoint presentation of major study results and takeaways, and receive a statistical report of overall survey results.Over 40 retirement plan service providers invited to contribute, 18 past contributors.

Associated event: Conversion/Transition/Implementation Team Leader Roundtable Annual Meeting



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