This multi-faceted media and research initiative is on a mission to set Generation Z on a course to achieve 99.7% retirement success by age 70.

Research activities will change every year, to reflect the interests of sponsors. Research is designed to support thought leadership but also turn into deliverables that impact the behaviour of Generation Z, and also monitor the effectiveness of the program.

In 2017, we propose to conduct:

  • Three online-surveys of members of Generation Z (2,000 responses for each)
  • Two online-focus groups (20 research subjects at each group)
  • Fifteen one-on-one in-depth interviews

One-on-one interviews support scenario development and concept testing. Survey results provide strategic direction for sponsors and support segmentation.

Focus groups uncover the range / prevalence of attitudes toward a range of issues; develop assumptions for testing in survey questionnaires.

Associated Event: Participant Strategy Roundtable Annual Meeting


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