Client Plan Sponsor and Advisor / Consultant Experience Roundtable

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Trade-off between on-site, live, and convenience – where employees stand?



Current Context

The context in which retirement plan service providers operate in 2021 is dramatically changed, affecting all aspects of our lives - not just retirement plans. The pandemic amplified trends that were already underway

The change is so dramatic that we are unable to conceive THE WAY OF THE FUTURE by extrapolating past experience. Technological innovation has expanded the universe of possibilities beyond user expectations. Dreams come true, and drive what the market will demand tomorrow and what some segments already demand today.

In the era of You-tube videos, the meaning of "live" has changed. The change is feeding an unprecedented wave of consolidation of recordkeeping service providers, TPAs, Advisory firms, Broker/Dealer firms, and advisor/consultant teams. In this context, the Annual Meeting of the Client Plan Sponsor and Advisor/Consultant Experience Roundtable is no longer an isolated event; it is part of a public advocacy program that include

Fifteen firms are participating in the entire program can register up to three attendees free of charge. You too can benefit by attending the meeting, even if you did not participate in the entire program.

Meeting Objective

 Forum for:

Meeting of retirement plan firms to discuss emerging industry trends, major challenges and opportunities, current and upcoming governmental regulations, and other topics of interest to attendees. Informal discussions are organized around topics suggested in the registration process. There are no minutes of this meeting.

Join us for a robust dialogue on the emerging retirement plan service landscape at the Client Plan Sponsor and Advisor/Consultant Experience Roundtable.  Major retirement plan recordkeepers attend regularly.  Insights will be broken up based on your interests (Hot Topics), and by asset-size, providing focused, relevant dialogue on how to thrive and differentiate amid the changes.


 Attendance is by invitation only. The invitation is extended to national leaders of client relationship management, advisor/consultant relationship management, strategic account management and digital client experience of retirement plan service providers operating in the following markets:

Hot Topics


Thursday, September 9, 2021 

 8:30 a.m.     Welcome and Introductions
Moderator: Eric Henon
 9:00 a.m.    Breakout Sessions
  Breakout Session 1: Client Relationship Management
  Discussion of the 2021 edition of the CRM Sentiment Survey
Moderators: Milissa Dumont - Prudential Retirement | Denise Penn - CUNA Mutual
  Breakout Session 2: Account Management 
  Role of strategic account management and digital communication in contingency / business continuity planning. Will plan sponsor expectations of expanded availability change after the pandemic and why?
Moderator: MKay Leydon- EACH Enterprise Special Consultant
  Breakout Session 3: Digital Client Experience Management
  User experience of clients with and without an HRIS or HCM system?
Moderator: Jason Herman - EACH Enterprise Special Consultant
10:15 a.m.   Break
10:45 a.m.   Breakout Sessions
  Breakout Session 4: Micro / Small (<$20 million)
  Moderator: Eric Henon

Andrew Aubrey CFP® CKP® - Gateway Financial Partners
AJ Fiorenza - Summit Group Retirement Planners
Derek Fiorenza C(k)P®, CPFA, AIF®, PPC - Summit Group Retirement Planners
  Breakout Session 5: Mid-sized plans ($20 million <$100 million)
  Moderator: MKay Leydon
Michael Paris AIF®, CPFA - Paris International
Jim Sotell AIF® - Comperio Retirement Consulting
  Breakout Session 6: Large and Jumbo plans (≥$100 million)
  Session Cancelled
12:15 p.m Luncheon
1:00 p.m.   Breakout Sessions
  Breakout Session 7: Client Relationship Management
  Capacity models, goal setting, evaluations, compensation, and career path
Moderator: Eric Henon
  Breakout Session 8: Account Management
  Strategies to propel staff engagement to new levels Action plan to close the gap between the perceptions of account management team members and the commitment of senior management and the entire organization to provide adequate support for the account management function.
Moderator: MKay Leydon
  Breakout Session 9: Digital Client Experience Management
  Hiring and motivating user experience design staff?
Moderator: Jason Herman
2:30 p.m.     Break
2:45 p.m.     General Session – National Retirement Practice Leaders Opinions on:

1. Aggregation / consolidations (recordkeepers, advisors, TPAs), and
2. MEP/PEP/GOP/PEO and impact on client service needs

Moderator: Eric Henon

Bo Agan - Advisor Group
Taylor Hammons - Kestra
David Wiedeman - OneDigital

3:45 p.m.     Wrap Up and Next Steps
4:00 p.m.     Meeting Adjourns