EACH Enterprise utilizes quantitative and qualitative market research techniques to help institutional retirement plan providers better understand their clients and formulate solutions and strategies that fulfill client needs. We perform thorough and innovative discovery research that generates actionable data and lends perspective to industry trends, client behaviors, and participant choices

Proprietary Research

proprietary imageProprietary research initiatives from EACH Enterprise help retirement plan service providers establish and maintain a clear and advantageous position in target markets. Research methodologies can include proprietary surveys, one-on-one interviews, phone surveys, focus groups, and online focus group discussions. Research deliverables, including executive summaries, research reports, slide presentations and videos, make excellent marketing collateral. Their reach can be enhanced by news releases, social media posts, and print and/or online marketing materials.

Let EACH’s proprietary research lead your firm to more business wins, namely:

  • Increased flow of RFPs
  • More appointments with plan sponsors, advisors and consultants
  • Enhanced corporate image
  • Improved brand awareness
  • More trade media hits
  • Greater social media engagement

To request a proposal, please contact:

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Brian Neligan, Director of Strategic Initiatives
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Retirement Plan Internal Sales Desk Scope and Responsibilities

internal sales deskThis report shows functions for which retirement plan internal sales desks are responsible against staffing levels and activity volume by market. Findings allow you to benchmark your team against like-teams (in markets where you operate) and to decide how you might structure your team to enhance sales effectiveness.  The goal is to collect information for 20 to 25 firms.  Only participating firms receive results. Report is for internal company use only (service provider side), may not be shared with third parties, no company-by-company findings.

Associated event: EACH Enterprise Internal Sales Desk Roundtable Annual Meeting

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Conversion/Transition/Implementation Research Program

Users: Conversion/Transition/Implementation Team Leader, Chief Operating Officer, Human Resources
Benefit: Benchmark the conversion / implementation process; benchmark the conversion consultant, data analyst/specialist, ERISA/tech staff, admin, and other positions; benchmark conversion/implementation service and compensation across size bands.

Historically, this study benchmarks the Conversion / Transition / Implementation process and the compensation of conversion / implementation staffers across market segments and plan types. This fourth edition of the study addresses four issues prioritized by participating client firms, including:

  • Functionality of Pre-Conversion Websites
  • Segmentation by Service Model
  • Team Staffing by “Standard” Position
  • Payroll Feed Integration

Each of these topics / issues will be addressed individually in a 20-25 question survey module. Companies can participate in as many or as few survey modules as they wish. Firms participating in a survey module will be invited to provide input into the survey questionnaire, attend an online presentation of survey results, receive a PowerPoint presentation of major study results and takeaways, and receive a statistical report of overall survey results.Over 40 retirement plan service providers invited to contribute, 18 past contributors.

Associated event: Conversion/Transition/Implementation Team Leader Roundtable Annual Meeting


Client Relationship Manager Position Compensation Survey

Users: Head of Relationship Management, Human Resources
Benefit: Benchmark Client Relationship service and compensation across size bands; benchmark the Client Relationship Manager position; trend industry practices

Conducted eight times between 2007 and 2017, the survey benchmarks the Client Relationship Manager position at retirement plan firms across plan size bands. The sixty-question survey addresses compensation, rewards and recognition, responsibilities, caseloads, staffing, recruiting, retention, supervision, segmentation and support (i.e., staff, budget, technology, training and development). Data is gathered at both the aggregate and individual relationship manager level. Deliverables include an overall report (executive summary plus tables), segmented results for peer groups of relationship managers with similar responsibilities and client profiles, a coded firm-by-firm report (tables), and a private web conference presentation of study results and recommendations for each participating firm. More than 40 retirement plan service providers invited to contribute annually; 25 past contributors.

Associated event: EACH Enterprise Client Relationship Manager Roundtable Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings


Strategic Account Management Service Models Study

Users: Head of Account Management, Client Relationship Management, Client Service, Human Resources

Benefit: Compare your service model to three unique, within-segment service models to see major points of differentiation and gauge where you have a competitive edge.

This initiative will develop three Strategic Account Management Service Models for the Retirement Plans industry based on company practices regarding staff assignment of major tasks and functions across teams (client relationship management, transition/implementation, operations, sales, and strategic account management). This initiative supplements the Horizon 2020 report outlining a futuristic vision of the Strategic Account Management function. Participating companies will be able to compare their particular service model by segment to the three models and articulate their major points of differentiation to clients, advisors, and consultants in the sales process and the relationship management process.

Associated event: Strategic Account Management Roundtable


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