The Voice of Retirees - Research


Users: Heads of Participant Strategy, Participant Communication and Education, Product Management, Investment Management, Marketing and Human Resources

Benefit: Insights into participant behavior; Feedback on participant communication and education; Retirement plan participant asset retention; Retiree asset gathering

Description: EACH Enterprise empaneled a focus group of recent retirees to learn about their outlook and concerns as they approached, entered, and settled into retirement.  What did their employer, plan sponsor and service provider do to counsel them on this important life change? What was their approach to spending and saving, investments and withdrawals, retirement income and Social Security both before and after retirement? Seven focus group participants speak openly and honestly about retirement income, rollovers, annuities, pensions, Social Security and the conversations they had with advisors and plan representatives as they embarked each on their own unique journey into retirement.

Profile of focus group participants:

  • Ages 62-69 years
  • Retired three years or less
  • Receiving Social Security
  • Owning at least $200,000 in DC plan and/or IRA investible assets

Cost: $1475

Associated events:  Participant Strategy Roundtable, Client Relationship Management Roundtable, Marketing Roundtable.

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