East Granby, CT and Waltham, MA - August 27 2018


EACH Enterprise and Chatham Partners have announced a unique partnership in the retirement plan services arena. The partnership aims to induce a breakthrough in client experience during retirement plan service provider transitions. The partnership will explore transitions from the perspective of all stakeholders as well as establishing service quality metrics that can be tracked over time. The partnership effectively links two new and innovative programs together.

ProMotion is the EACH Enterprise offering. It is an in person-collaborative forum to formulate a playbook documenting best practices for proven successful service provider transitions.  The goal is to enhance process efficiency, establish quantifiable effectiveness measures and share best practices; which yields a better transition experience for sponsor and participant alike. The initial focus is on 401k plans in the Small Plans Market (under $50 mil).

CHATHAM Partners introduces CHATHAM Conversion CX based upon the proven approach of gathering detailed, independent feedback directly from retirement plan clients to more readily retain and grow a lasting book of business. The Conversion CX program uses success measures and metrics to improve the ability of clients to prioritize resources effectively and understand the analytically-derived drivers of loyalty and identify “problem” relationships and strategies to rectify issues.

This partnership brings two powerful industry leaders together to enable service providers, advisors, and plan sponsors to ensure smooth and effective transitions with clarity surrounding roles, responsibilities, measures and metrics.

Learn more about Chatham Partners at www.chathampartners.com

Learn more about EACH Enterprise at www.EACHEnterprise.com

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